Friday, September 5, 2008

Student Conduct Rules

• No electronics including cell phones, mp3 players. Cd players, hand held video games.

• During admissions students will not be permitted to play football or wallball due to the high volume of parents and smaller students in the yard.

• During inclement weather students will either be in the auditorium or the lunchroom. Students are expected to remain seated in the auditorium and they are expected not to run or engage in horseplay in the gym.

• During instructional time students are expected to follow the classroom rules and do their BEST.

• During lunchtime students are expected to remain seated. They are expected to clean up after themselves. In the yard there is no fighting and sportsmanship is expected.

• After school students are expected to leave the yard immediately unless they are waiting for a sibling or other family member.

• There is absolutely NO writing on, marking, or destruction of school property.

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