Friday, September 5, 2008

Student Conduct Rules

• No electronics including cell phones, mp3 players. Cd players, hand held video games.

• During admissions students will not be permitted to play football or wallball due to the high volume of parents and smaller students in the yard.

• During inclement weather students will either be in the auditorium or the lunchroom. Students are expected to remain seated in the auditorium and they are expected not to run or engage in horseplay in the gym.

• During instructional time students are expected to follow the classroom rules and do their BEST.

• During lunchtime students are expected to remain seated. They are expected to clean up after themselves. In the yard there is no fighting and sportsmanship is expected.

• After school students are expected to leave the yard immediately unless they are waiting for a sibling or other family member.

• There is absolutely NO writing on, marking, or destruction of school property.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pennypacker's Mission Statement


The Samuel W. Pennypacker School offers an educational and nurturing environment which creates an atmosphere conducive to learning and achieving. Our mission is to enable each child to reach his/her full potential across the curriculum and to encourage every child to respect themselves, each other and their community. We will use the Core Curriculum and Coordinating Documents as our guide and elicit the support of our parents, community leaders and outside resources. Together we will develop and accept the legal and moral responsibilities of providing the best education for every student. We believe that all children can learn and achieve at Proficient and Advanced levels. Our mission is to prepare our children to live full lives within the global community, to embrace and enjoy many cultures and to become proud, productive and responsible citizens.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


This is a blog for and about the S.W. Pennypacker School.

The hope of the educational leaders of our school is that this blog will help our students become life long learners and let them understand web 2.0 and technology of the 21st century.

Welcome, please wipe your feet, come on in and look around.